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Crystal Properties Guide - 2nd Edition

Crystal Properties Guide - 2nd Edition

Code: MG109

Crystal Properties Guide is a tri-fold brochure with detailed information on Crystal Properties and much more. This updated and revised 2nd edition includes 45 more crystals listed with properties, making it the most comprehensive quick-reference crystal guide available!

* 7 Chakras - Chakra Name, Energy, Location, Colour, Associated Gemstone.
* Chakra Meditation - Complete Meditation Guide with Instructions
* Crystal Properties - Over 170 Crystals listed with Metaphysical Properties
* Birth Stones - All 12 months of Modern Birth Stones
* Crystal Cleansing - A basic Crystal Cleansing Technique.
* Astrology - The crystals relating to all 12 Astrology Signs.

* NEW - Photos of 50 Popular Crystals
* NEW - Search for Crystals by Zodiac Sign
* NEW - Search for Crystals by Crystal Properties
* NEW - Search for Crystals by Associated Chakra

NEW in Second Edition - You can now find a crystal for a specific purpose with our colour-coded index.


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